Acoustic noise barriers in London Echo H2

Acoustic Screening Barriers - Noise barriers for construction sites, music venues and and site that simply needs to block sound fast and efficiently

The Acoustic Screening barrier has been produced by using state of the art technology that involves using PVC density and balanced weight. One thing about the barrier is that it is hand-stitched which ensures that maximum strength is retained. Part of our patented technology encompasses using a lining that is waterproof on the reverse of the barrier. This is quite a powerful invention and our bespoke foam interior will ensure the acoustic barrier does not deteriorate whilst undergoing ageing and general wear and tear. This is very important and necessary especially where the barrier is being used on construction sites or exposed to extreme weather conditions when wearing is prone to happen. This product is a leading noise reduction tool that is immensely efficient and used throughout the world.


Acoustic Screening barriers have won a lot of awards all over the world and have made a name for themselves as a leading technology that has greatly revolutionalised noise attenuation in the world of contractors, event organizers and local authorities as they change their approach on how to deal with the issue of noise.

Echo H2 noise barrier in London train station
Noise protection barrier on train line
Echo H2 noise barriers on construction site

Risks associated with excessive noise

Recently conducted scientific studies reveal that when one is exposed to excessive levels of noise, he/she is likely to get annoyed and inconvenienced. Excessive noise levels also have greater effects on our health. It results in stress, insomnia, heart disease and tinnitus.


How can we prevent Noise complaints?

The number of people who are complaining about excessive noise levels is increasing day by day. Each day the local authorities receive a high number of complaints regarding excessive noise from building sites, rail engineering works taking place throughout the night that end up denying them their sleep. People have also complained about excessive noise from loud music events that continues even after the agreed time has passed.


A careful analysis reveal that the excessive noise levels does not only affect the people living around the construction sites. It has emerged that the excessive noise affects the health of the employees as well as the supervisors tasked with ensuring that the noise generated at workplaces is not excessively high to the extent of resulting in health issues.


For a very long time, many contractors have been looking for a permanent solution to this problem and the tool has come in handy to them as the perfect solution to the problem.

Acoustic screening noise barriers in London's Bond Street

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About our noise barriers

Simple to install noise solution

How does the acoustic Barrier reduce noise problems?

All you need to do is to carefully follow all the instructions of how to use the acoustic barrier and you will be able to reduce the noise levels by at least 30 decibels. The good thing is that the barrier is a plug and play system therefore installing it is quite straight forward.


The barriers are very flexible and they can easily be stacked as required in particular areas where loud noise is being generated. The barriers can either hired from us or you can choose to simply purchase them. When it comes to hiring you can do that just in case you only want to use them once. When hired, the users will access the Acoustic Screening barriers’ team of experts who will help them to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The experts work very well with the client to achieve optimum performance with no hiccups.

What options are there for minimizing construction noise?

When you have minimal amount of noise being generated at a construction site, you work for longer hours hence completing the project either on time or before the prescribed time. It also ensures that you get your work done without inconveniencing the local community that lives and works nearby. It is worth noting that completing the project before time also helps to build the reputation of the company as efficient and professional.


Construction Noise reduction

One thing that most of sites are known for is the high levels of noise usually generated during the construction. We have temporary acoustic barriers that can easily be fitted on structures so as to reduce both the transmitted and reflected sound produced which reduces the noise being emitted from a construction site significantly.


Industrial Noise Control

It is vital to minimise noise levels and disruption from sites for nearby businesses and also the local community. We understand that as an industry, your operations must run smoothly so that you can be able to meet deadlines and sustain the industry. If you do not meet the above condition then you risk incurring huge losses that may even result to the closure of the business.

Our noise barrier is a perfect tool for any noise reduction purpose and it helps in preventing the excessive noise from the site in question which in turn will reduce and more often than not totally stop complaints regarding noise.


What are the benefits of our noise barriers? Our noise barriers are specifically designed to ensure the following;

There is a significance reduction in the noise levels.

Your working hours are extended so that you can be able to meet the deadlines.


There is rapid deployment of our noise barriers on construction sites.

With our barriers, you will be able to benefit by displaying your own brands on the center of the barriers which serves as a great marketing tool.


Our noise barrier has been deployed in managing noise levels during the construction of the rail network in Australia. It has also been used at several construction sites as the major noise reduction tool in London during the 2012 Olympic games. It was deployed in various venues.

Acoustic screening noise barriers in Hyde Park, London

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